In each RUN VERO Race Series race, points will be awarded in each​ of the following categories you scored in: Top 10 Overall, Top 10 Masters (over 40), Top 10 Senior Grand Masters (over 60) and Top 10 in each 5 year Age Group. ​Points for each race will accumulate throughout the series and will be totaled after the final series race to decide the Race Series Award Winners.

Ex. 1st Place (10 points), 2nd Place (9 points), 3rd Place (8 points), 4th Place (7 points), 5th Place (6 points), 6th Place (5 points), 7th Place (4 points), 8th Place (3 points), 9th Place (2 points), 10th Place (1 point)

You must participate in a minimum of 2 series races in order to be eligible for series awards. 

Your age for the Race Series standings will be based on your age in the first Race Series Race (Twilight 2 Mile on 9/16/17) regardless of if you participated in that race or not. 

In each individual race throughout the series you will be eligible for points in all 3 categories (scored separately); however, you can only win one category for the Race Series awards.  For the final Age Group Series Standings and Awards, the Top 3 Overall winners, Masters winners, and Senior Grand Masters winners will be removed from the Age Group results and each place below them will be moved up. Overall Top 3 placing will trump Masters placing, and the Masters winner will trump Senior Grand Masters ​. 

In the case of a tie at the end of the series, the participant who scored higher in an individual event against each other (head to head) will win the tie breaker. If a tie still exists, The participant who completed more races wins.

Series Standings will be updated following each Race Series race.